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New Website Launch - - The Haitian Social Network

mercredi 26 mai 2010 par William Toussaint

Share the hope after the tragic events of 12 January 2010. Haitiworld is a unique international network in order to link the Haitians from all over, friends of Haiti around, individuals, organizations, volunteers, professionals of all disciplines, opinion leaders, on one communication platform on a non-commercial basis.

Participants in the network, have the opportunity to get to know other members and learn about the latest news and latest developments on the country’s reconstruction. But initially aims to become a platform for exchange of experiences of people who have experienced difficult times due to the catastrophe of January 12, 2010. How many of us have lost a family member, friend or colleague. We’ve had some difficult moments ; we have all had a special experience. Because even if the experiences of each individual are differents and unique as the individuals themselves, a board, a shared experience, and especially information about available resources may change many things.

Once you have joined the network you will have access to participate in discussions of new topics. You can connect and communicate with other members and access many other special features.

Welcome to, Social Networking Your Cool Hang Out.

We aim to provide the same functionality that offer networks like MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, social network, blog, forum, bulletin board or website, including our unique Free Online Auction and Classifieds. will be officially launched in June 2010. Our mission is to provide an excellent place for users of MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and other social network users to have fun and make a lot of free stuff.

Thank you to our loyal users and network member’s We hope that you will return often and tell your friends because we are constantly adding information and members share a lot of information and gadgets.

We hope you will enjoy your time visiting Please tell your friends to stop and visit us online. the Haitian social network, the Haitian Facebook.

Have Fun,


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